British Glass

A query received by the Glass Association:

Dear Sir

I am a member of the buying public who tries very hard to support British made products. Having recently moved  I thought I would like to buy some new wine glasses, etc. Looking on the internet I had no idea about what has happened to all the famous old glass makers. These companies have either been bought out and moved abroad or just abandoned!!!!.

I would sincerely like to find if there is any glass still made in this country apart from Dartington. I have found some websites but they all have an old date on their website so I guess these have also gone.

I guess you hope to revive the industry. I know there was a group of artist glass blowers in London Peter 'Somebody', can't quite remember the name.

I see about the Stourbridge festival website and the local government seems to want to help. But please, please it all happens in London because that is where the money is spent. There is still money in the City and in the huge wealthy expat community in London. The prices that people are prepared to pay are unbelievable. But sadly it is all down to fashion, style and celebrity but the business is there.

Nevertheless if there are any manufacturers making table glassware in this country please tell me their names. I wish I was twenty years younger I would like to go on a crusade for you.




Can any Glass Association members make any recommendations or provide further details of British Glass?