Glass Cone 76 Autumn 2006

Mdina Fish Vase, Michael Harris  
Visit to the Turner Museum of Glass, Sheffield by Judith Vincent        
The British Glass Biennale, Stourbridge 2006 by Bob Wilcock        
The Exhibitions of Ronald Stennett-Willson by Chris & Barbara Yates  
A Unique Glass Disy, ‘Osiris’ Glass And The Pull-up Machine by Charles R Hajdamach      
Ravencroft Posset Pot by Simon Cottle   
The International Festival of Glass 2006 by Bob Wilcock      
An aspect of Social life in 18th Century Nailsea by Yvonne Cocking      
Pate de Verre, Almaric Walter & Contemporary Artists by Bob Wilcock       
Paperweight Corner by Richard M Giles
Book Reviews
    Michael Harris : Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight
    Studio Glass . Author Mark Hill by Graham Cooley     
    J & L Lobmeyer, Between tradition & Innovation
    19th Century Glassware from the MAK Collection
    Edited by Peter Noever & Ulrike Scholde by Bob Wilcock         
Peter Rath, Glass ‘Editeur’ Extraordinaire by Charles R Hajdamach


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