About Us

Foundation & Aims

The Glass Society was formed in 2019 by a merger of The Glass Association & The Glass Circle, it is a registered charity no 1185397.

The Glass Association was founded in England in 1983 at the Stourbridge College of Art, registered charity no. 326602. The Glass Circle was founded in London in 1937. The Glass Society was established in order to promote the understanding and appreciation of glass and glass-making method: and to generally increase public interest in the whole subject of glass.

The Glass Society concerns itself with all types of glass, both historical and contemporary, and through its visits, meetings and publications, seeks to cater for a wide range of glass interests. Whether you are a collector of glass, an antique dealer, a museum curator, or you are involved in the making of glass, the Glass Society has something to offer.

In addition to our strong membership base in the UK, the Society also has many overseas members prominent in the field of glass. The Glass Society is a voluntary organisation based at The Red House Glass Cone, located in the West Midlands (UK). The Red House Cone  High Street  Wordsley  Stourbridge DY8 4AZ.