Help for Ugly Sisters

Six more Glass Slippers from the Webb Archive....  Surely one of these will fit....  


Fairy Godmothers, read this FIRST!

Now that the pantomime season is upon us, I'm posting the "latest" fashion accesory from the Webb Archive - a glass slipper!  Just what every Fairy Godmother ever wanted.  Perhaps it's fortunate that Cinderella never had one of these - it's elastic sided, and might have just have stretched to  fit one of her Ugly Sisters.....
With a pattern number of 10069, it dates from the beginning of 1876 - and it wasn't the only one - there are at least another five!


More Frogs from the Webb Archive!

They aren't roller skating, but if I interpret the annotation correctly, these were intended to be produced in Cameo!  I can't see any other reason for the note "Yellow body cased in Blue & Ruby".
More pictures from the archive when I've had a chance to go through my photos...


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