Alison Kinnaird

International Festival of Glass 2012


I've just spent four days at the International Festival of Glass - a marvellous time.  Highlights for me were the Biennale Exhibition, the 2012 Portland Vase, and several of the lectures, in particular Alison Kinnaird's talk about the commission she received from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  I'm hoping to go to Edinburgh very soon, and am looking forward to seeing the work in place. 

The Guild of Glass Engravers have an exhibition in the Red House Cone that continues until early October.  This too is well worth a visit.  Many of the exhibits are for sale. 

On a lighter note, I saw some of the demonstrations of glassmaking both at Broadfield House and the Cone.  I didn't have the stamina of either Allister Malcolm or Elliot Walker - congratulations to both on their efforts.  A lot of money will have been raised for an excellent cause - the British Glass Foundation.


Glass in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

I wasn't surprised to see a small selection of Jacobite drinking glasses - some with the most delicate decoration - in the gallery devoted to the history of the Jacobite cause, but I was delighted to come across a a small portrait by Alison Kinnaird.  Her portrait of Roy Dennis was commissioned by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2003. The Gallery has been completely refurbished since I was last there, and is well worth a visit if you are in Edinburgh.  

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