Site Improvement Requirements/Suggestions

Cone and Journal contents need to be added.

Update the links page: ensure the links are current, add a thumbnail image for each link.

Decide if any authenticated user can post a blog entry to the front page. Any guidelines for those entries? eg must have a photo!

Who is going to update the events?

Posting everything to the front page only is not a good long-term strategy for organising the site. What happened to the Noticeboard page?

Alan Poole's newsletters - keep the last few accessible for people to link to? at the Noticeboard page or elsewhere?

Guidelines: avoid the "spaghetti" organisation with multiple paths, multiple pages about the same thing, multiple unnecessary levels to get to content, etc. Streamline!

If you don't edit with overlay things may get hidden behind the right column. The system is set to do overlay (eg when you edit the About page it will go to and you won't have to worry about anything being hidden because it's overlaid on top. Sometimes it forgets this setting but you can add the #overlay= part yourself.

GA old to new web site
Ensure all events are on the new site (think most (all?) are) completed
Ensure all the bits and pieces from the home page are on the new site (think most (all?) are) completed except for BGF and Broadfield House info which is very out-of-date and desperately needs to be updated.
Journal info to new site (on or under Publications page) 1 hour - completed
uranium glass sample article 1 hour - completed
publication order form? or just selling via Ubercart? Form is very out-pf-date, needs to be updated if it's going to be used.
rest of goblets to the goblets gallery (decide which gallery type is best?), including all the captions (check how to add captions)  time req'd depends on how many are missing but at least 4 hours to add the captions completed
ensure all the cloudy white lattice is there (think most (all?) are) time req'd depends on how many are missing - completed
Outstanding Problems/Issues
Date and time not appearing with Event when it's on the front page, ok in sidebar and in list of events.
Paypal to be made "live". Test that shopping cart is cleared after a transaction. At the moment it's not but that could be because of the test mode it's in?
Decide which is the best image gallery.
Update "how-to" documentation with D7 screenshots.
Search PDFs.