A Website to visit!

This is the first of a series of links I'm going to post to websites that may be of partiular interest to members of the Glass Association.  Feedback is welcomed!  Some I've come across quite by accident - but then, that's one of the marvels of the Web....

I first saw the Roman Glassmakers in action at the Red House Cone during the International Festival of Glass in 2008.  Their website is at http://www.romanglassmakers.co.uk/ and has links to a number of other sites of interest to archaeologists, as well as us glasshounds. 

I've followed one of the links on their site to  http://www.glasrepliken.de/index.htm  - scroll down the page to see the three-part mould in which a small glass cup has been blown.  I've got one of those cups - though I'm not using it as a wine-glass!

The Roman Glassmakers have already shown us a great deal about the techniques glassmakers used in the Ancient World.  It is remarkable what they have been able to achieve in replicating Mosaic Glass - see   http://www.romanglassmakers.co.uk/mosaics.htm   

So far as I am aware, they have not yet managed to replicate one of the great achievements of Roman glassmaking - but then with all of the resources of the Stourbridge glass industry (and a huge prize, to boot), it took a while to make the blank for John Northwood's copy of the Portland Vase.  Here's a link to the British Museum website.


And for those of you who are interested in some of the finest achievements of the ancient world, look at


Scroll down to the lower left-hand side of the page to see an example of Diatreta glass.