Glass Cone 107 - Summer 2015

Front Cover   Decanter probably by George Ravenscroft   Item Viewed at the Glass Association V& A study day 

01   Who Made that Glass   Identifying Victorian glassmakers and manufacturers    James Speed          (1834 – 1908)      Sally Haden

06   Visit to Isle of Wight Glass Studio 2014    Richard M Giles

07   Timothy Harris and Isle of Wight Studio Glass   Richard Harris

09   Visit to Frauenau with The British Glass Foundation (BGF)    Kari Moodie

12   Crested Glassware   Bill Millar

14   Art in Action   Britain’s top craft show    Bob & Ruth Wilcock

16   Cutting Edge   A Touring Exhibition of Modern Hungarian Glass   Dr Attila Sik

17   Musée des Arts Décoratifs   Paris Exhibition until 15 November 2015   Jean-Luc Olivié

19   The Engraved Glass of Franz Tieze    Mary Boydell finds a consistency of style in the decoration employed by this Bohemian glassmaker who worked in Dublin.   The late  Mary Boydell with updates by Brian Clarke

23   Starting a Glass Collection   Sonia Jackson

24   Letters from Harry Powell   Nigel Benson

25   Gray- Stan: Luxury Modern Glass 1926 – 1936   The Exhibition at Broadfield House Glass Museum  September 2014 – February 2015

26   Visit of American Paperweight Maker   Jim  Brown   Richard M Giles

26   Book Reviews  ‘Little things in Glass and metal and plastic too   Tom J Lawson .    A History of Glassmaking in London ( second edition )   Dr David Watts reviewed by  Nigel Benson

29 What’s On & Membership news

Back Cover   Piggin and Bowl   Waterford cut glass around 1830  from the Mary Boydell collection  see also article page 19


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