Glass Cone 106 Spring 2015

Front Cover    A Gray-Stan ‘ Sea Horse ‘ vase No 6 series    From the Sheila Sharman Collection

01    20th Century Glass ‘ ‘Art Deco to Mid –Century Modern ‘      Alan Gower

04   New Zealand North and South   Bob Wilcock   see also Glass Cones 95 & 96

06   Living The Dream ………….. or how to build a glass museum    Graham Knowles

08    Let’s Twist Again   The making of 18th-century glassware   Brian Clarke  see also Glass Cone 99

16   We all make mistakes but sometimes we are lucky   Nigel Benson

17    British and Irish Drinking and Table Glass   Harriette  Moore and Brian Clarke

20    Paperweight Related Items   Richard M Giles

24   The Glass of Mike Hunter  and book reviews

25   Spotlight on Manchester and Salford Glass  David Willars  and Maurice Wimpory

26   In memoriam  Dr Winston Turner, Christopher Shepperd, Harvey Ferry  and Bernard Cavalot

27   What’s On & Members Section

Back Cover  A two handled loving cup by Webb Corbett for the Coronation of George VI


Price: £5.00