Glass Cone 105 Summer 2014

Front Cover  An art panel made from fragments of recycled glass  article page 15

01  The Glories and the Geniuses of Stourbridge Glass  1612-2012    Roger Ersser

07   Glassmaking in Hungary  Part 2 The age of Enlightenment and Commerce  Attila Sik and Zsuzsanna Molnar  See also Glass Cone   See also Glass Cone 103 for part 1

12  A Visit to the Higgins in Bedford   Tim Mills

15  The Attraction of Imperfection  Global creative uses for recycled glass  Part 2 Studio Artists  Roger Ersser   See also Glass Cone 104 Part 1

19  The Designs of John Luxton for Stuart Crystal   Nigel Benson    See also Glass Cone 104 page 20

22  Buy – Keep – Sell  An insight into the world of a professional auctioneer and savvy glass collector  Alan Gower

23   Paperweight Corner   British Royal Commemorative Paperweights  Part 2    Richard M Giles

27   A few memories of the early days with Harvey Littleton  Brian Clarke

28   What’s On and Members News

Back Cover   Keith Murray Decanters with black glass stoppers


Price: £5.00