The Stourbridge 2012 Portland Vase Project @ The National Glass Fair , Sunday 11th November.


At The National Glass Fair alongside the antique glass on offer, you will also find a very good selection of items by  some of the best contemporary glass artists working in the UK. The modern glass produced by these master craftsmen are works of art in their own right and the technical skill of modern glassmakers will ensure that their creations become antiques of the future. This craftsmanship will be celebrated at the November 2012 fair via an exhibition documenting the recent recreation of the Portland Vase by glassmakers Richard Golding, Steve Piper, lan Dury, Helen Knight and Terri Colledge. The exhibition will provide further information about the Stourbridge Twenty Twelve Portland Vase Project and the manufacturing process behind this fantastic achievement.  Image by courtesy Of John Levett.