Glass Sundials

I've just received notification that the latest copy of Vidimus is now available.  For those who haven't heard of Vidimus, I should explain that it is an on-line magazine dedicated to the history of stained glass.  The heading on the homepage speaks of "mediaeval stained glass", but the editors quite rightly are interested in far more than this.  An article in issue 59 reports the death of Keith New, who painted some of the stained glass in Coventry Cathedral. 

Glass Association members who attended the 2010 AGM will surely remember the lecture on some of the sandblasted glass panels created for the Cathedral and meeting the artist's model. 

This article deals with the use of  stained glass to make sundials, the gnomon (or pointer) being outside the building, and casting its shadow on the glass, to be read by someone standing inside, and discusses at some length the likely maker of the dial in question. That, at least is the theory, though it seems that a number of such glass sundials have been relocated, so that they no longer work. 

There is a link in the article to a specialist website 

An excellent example of how the World Wide Web can make available the most arcane information!