Journal Volume 8 2008

6          English Wineglasses with Faceted Stems  - Martin Mortimer  An overview with many illustrations.

14         Selling Irish Glass to the English -  Anna Moran  An adventure with Waterford Glass in early nineteenth century England.  Keywords Penrose, Samuel Miller, Provost's House Trinity College, Dublin.

20        The Glass Industry in Manchester & Salford - Peter Bone - A comprehensive view of glassmaking in the area illustrated with locations, existing buildings & catalogue pages.

30        Helen Monro Turner   - An Artist in Industry - Jill Turnbull - Article emphasises the influence of Helen Munro during the 1920's & 30' at The Edinburgh & Leith Glassworks,  Drawings, designs , patterns & examples of her work.

36        Captain H J Dunne Cooke  - Charles Hajdamach & Graham Cooley - Comprehensive archive of Swedish glass marketed by Elfverson & made by Strömbergshyttan from around the mid 1930's, illustrated by images of the designs in the archive. Dunne Cooke designs for Whitefriars & the relationship between Elversons, Wuidart & Whitefriars. Keywords Gerda Stromberg, Edmond Hogan, Ronald Stennett-Wilson.

68        Sam Herman  - Father of British Studio Glass -  Graham Cooley & Mark Hill - Sam Herman in conversation with Graham Cooley. Keywords, Harvey Littleton, University of Wisconsin ,Helen Munro Turner, Val St Lambert,


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