Glass Images

There are three types of image gallery (so far) on the site. You will need to be logged in to see the images.

A Gallery contains associated images (displayed with a View), with a specific content type for each gallery, images are uploaded individually. The Gallery shows clickable thumbnails in a grid. See the Cloudy White Lattice images for an example of this type of gallery.
Cloudy White Lattice  


If you only have a few photos to share, add them to the the Glass Gallery. The Glass Gallery contains unrelated individual clickable thumbnail images displayed with a View, content type Glass Gallery, images are uploaded individually. You can add these images yourself, see Using the web site.
Glass Gallery  
This is a Colorbox Gallery starting with 1 large image and a grid of thumbnails. Click on the large image or any of the thumbnails to display large images in a slideshow.
Adamson Goblets  
more Adamson Goblets

images in an automatic Colorbox Slideshow


Continental Glasses

overlapping the goblet galleries above, these two galleries have the complete images that were in the original galleries in a new Media Gallery format

English Glasses