Glass Cone 77 Winter 2006


The Glass Cone at Catcliffe, nr Rotherham    
The Catcliffe Glass Cone by Charles R Hajdamach      
Paperweight Corner by Richard M Giles
Book Reviews:
Peter Layton & Friends, Celebrating London Glassblowing 2006 By Peter Leyton by Bob Wilcock
Techniques of Glass Engraving , 2nd Edition By Peter Dreiser, Jonathon Matcham & Katharine Coleman by Bob Wilcock
Miller’s 20th Century Glass by Andy McConnell  2 Reviews by Graham Cooley & Jeanette Hayhurst    
The National Archives at Kew by Jane Brown
Are Glass Dealers Necessary? Readers Views and Comments        
Glass Sellers & Bullseye Prize Winners   
Edward Varnish by Barrie Skelcher      
Obituary, Derek Wyndham Parsons by  Charles R Hajdamach


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