Glass Cone 72-73 Autumn/Winter 2005

A sea of marbles, trip to USA  

Glass Sellers’ Prize 2005 by Bob Wilcock         

The Darnell Service by Simon Cottle     

Chihuly at Kew by Ruth Wilcock    

The Walpole Inventories by Jane Brown       

The US Trip 2005 by Roger Ersser      

The US Trip 2005 by Sandra Whiles      

Vaseline Glass         

The Tale of the Richardson’s Epergne by Richard Golding         

The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh by Ruth Wilcock

American Mould Blown Glass by Brian Clarke

The Jabo Marble Factory by Bob Wilcock

That Collecting Bug by Brian Clarke

Submarine by Frank & Pearl Hudson  

Rockwell Museum, Corning by John Delafaille       

Eleven Glass Sculptures at the Corning

Corporation Headquarters by Peter Beebe

Mosser Glass Dragonfly lamp by Roger & Nicole Lallemand   

Mosser Glass, a Kettle Flower pot by Bob Wilcock      

Davenport ‘Patent’ Glass by  Sandra Newell

The National Glass Centre, Sunderland and AGM 2005 by Ruth Wilcock

Obituary, Jenny Thompson by Nick Dolan

Paperweight News  by  Richard Giles


Price: £3.50