Glass Cone 63 Spring 2003

The Culm Goblet, Bohemian, enamelled & engraved     

News from Stourbridge     

Personal reaction to recent exhibitions by John Delafaille

Jacobean romance by F Peter Lole

The Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau           

Basket Weave – Registration by Dilwyn Hier   

Thomas Webb & The Rembrandt Guild by Ian Turner

Glass in the Vallee de la Bresle by Geoff Timberlake

Glass at the auction   

Paperweight News  by  Richard Giles

New recycling needed        

Oriel College , Oxford

A Glass Gherkin in the City & more glass for London

Victorian Decoration, Glass Designs : Attribution by Mervyn Gulliver

Book Reviews

   Czech Glass  By Sylva Petrova

   Glass of the avant-garde from Vienna Secession to Bauhaus by  Torsten Broehan

   The history of broad & bottle glass production in east Shropshire by Paul Andrew Luter

   Journal of Glass Studies, Volume 44 2002 Corning Museum of Glass


Price: £2.50