Glass Cone 59 Spring 2002

Detail of Bohemian Intaglio engraved jug
Will Broadfield House Glass Museum Close? by John Sanders
Good News for Tudor Crystal and Royal Brierley et al by Rita Pearce
Glass Associaiton Events by various
An Auction House Merger
Glass at the Auctions by Chris Crabtree
The Rinceaux Collection by Simon Cottle
Book Reviews
The Art of Glass by Antonio Neri/Christopher Merrett
The Jacobites & Their Drinking Glasses by Geoffrey B Seddon
Glass of the Sultans by ed Stefano Carboni & David Whitehouse
Glass from the Islamic Lands by Stefano Carboni
Lettering on Glass by Charmian Mocatta
Journal of Glass Studies vol 43 by Corning Museum of Glass
Artists in Glass: Late 20th C Masters in Glass by Dan Klein
Glass Harmonica by CD by Naxos
Tinker, Tailor, soldier, Sailor, etc by Geoff Timberlake
Exhibitions, Fairs & Seminars


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