Glass Cone 55 December 2000

A Clear Glass Decanter with 24 Air Twists
'Steady as she goes' - the 17th AGM
The Thrill of the Chase by Andy McConnell  
Tanks, Bottles & Jars by Peter Beebe  
From Hones to Age Gauge for Eggs by David Watts  
Sousa Fanfare
Bill Woodward
Clive Bartlett
Tony Holloway
Sir Antony Pilkington
The Bleak Midwinter - Royal Brierley saga
A Witch's Bottle
The Woodall Experience by Geoff Timberlake
Glass at the Auctions by Chris Crabtree   
More on Sowerby's Queen's Ivory Ware by Barry Skelcher (see also No. 54 Autumn 2000)  
Book Reviews
Miller's Paperweights in the 19th & 20th Centuries: A Collector's Guide   by Anne Metcalfe
Medieval Glass Vessels Found in England by Rachel Tyson
Glass in Britain & Ireland, AD 350 - 1100   by Jenny Price
Finding & viewing Glass at Auctions,  Brian Currie


Price: £2.50