Glass Cone 46 Summer 1998

Two spiral Spine vases by Allister Malcolm
The Philosophy of Collecting: Another View   M. Mortimer
Codd's Patent Bottle by J. H. Edgington
Holloway End (Glassworks, Stourbridge) by J. Ellis (see also No. 47 Autumn 1998)
Parkington Part II Preview by Geoff Timberlake
Parkington Sale Report by John Brooks
Marsaunt, Meuslar, Clanny, etc. (Miners Lamps)  by Peter Helm
Haud Credibile Posso Quae Non Romani Est   by Mark Taylor & David Hill
Glass in Germany by R. Johnson,  T. Lawson,  J. Schooley
Whatever Happened to Coloured Glass? by Ron Havenhand  
A Sowerby Puzzle by D Snow  
Glass Association at the Glass Fair by John Brooks
Stevens & Williams or Loetz? by J. Hayhurst  
Book Review
"Finnish Modern Design: Utopian Ideals - Everyday Realities 1930 - 97  Martine Aav & Nina Stritzler  (Editors)
Regional Reports


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