Glass Cone 43 Autumn 1997

The Buckmaster Goblet by William Beilby c.1765
Jacob Verselini's Will  by Don Tyzack  
Closure of the North British Glassworks by Ian Turner  
Down In the Dumps (Door dumps)  by John Brooks  
Jean-Claude Novaro, A Modern Master of Glass by Joaquim San Bernadino  
'"Crushed" Glass by Jenny Thompson   
Epergnes and Flower Stands by John Brooks, et al  
An Upside-down Plate (Sowerby) by Deryk Snow  
National Milk Glass Collectors Society of America by Frank Chiarenza  
A Figure Bottle  by Vivien Ferneyhough  
Progress at the National Glass Centre by Rita Pearce
Book Review
“The Brilliance of Swedish Glass 1918-39
Editors: Dereck Ostergard and Nina Stritzler-Levine


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