Latest News - January 2011


I'm trying to get something working with tags (which are like key words about the content) so if you add anything, whether a blog entry or use the forums or add a page or story, please try to add some tags about what the content is about. At the moment we have "free-tagging", ie you can put in whatever keywords you want but if we find the number used expands unreasonably or there are too many very similar ones, we can set up a list of ones to use and when you add content you must choose from the list.


Our Forums are in need of some attention: members to use them and some reorganisation of the topics. If you can suggest some categories and topics, please get in touch ( And if you haven't used them yet, please do.


Any member can add an event. If you know of a glass-related event, just select Create content, Event, put in the date, time, location and details and click Save. It will then automatically appear in the Upcoming Events and the Calendar. Any problems, let me know, Julie (